An expanded theoretical framework

Our investigations combine several approaches: anthropology of techniques, Science & Technology Studies, anthropology of forms of life and biopolitics, anthropology of nature and living environments, anthropology of art and image, linguistic anthropology, historical anthropology.

Plurality of methods

During ethnographic surveys carried out under the conditions of participant observation, we collect empirical data by applying various methods: semi-directive interview, constitution of operational chains, transcription of speeches delivered in ritual or ordinary contexts, ethogram, analysis of images, film ethnography, analysis of material culture, multisensory analysis of objects. A research component also involves the analysis of historical documents (archives, images)


The formulation of anthropological issues promotes an interdisciplinary dialogue with the human and social sciences, the humanities, and artistic practices.  

Interdisciplinarity helps to study objects at the interface between society and nature by initiating new methodologies to apprehend complexity.