The results of our research are the subject of special issues in peer-reviewed journals, French and international, and collective works published in France, the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Japan and Australia.

List of publications

« Breed(ing) Narratives: Visualizing Values in Industrial Farming » (Camille Bellet and Emily Morgan),  Animal Studies Journal, 11, 1, 2022. Read online.

« Reconfigurations du vivant » (under the supervision of P. Pitrou & M. Mauzé), Social anthropology notebooks, Paris, Herne. Access the journalPDF of the intro.

Powers of plants and animist cinema. The vitality revealed by the technique (under the direction of T. Castro, P. Pitrou, M. Rebecchi), Dijon, Presses du réel, 2020. Available on site – PDF.

“Biomimicry” (under the supervision of P. Pitrou, L. Kamili & F. Provost), Technics&Culture, 72, 2020. Read online.

“Anthropology of life and new technologies” (under the direction of M. Meyer & P. Pitrou), Technics&Culture, 2019. Read online.

“Biobanks and the reconfiguration of the living” (under the direction of F. Milanovic, N. Merleau-Ponty, P. Pitrou), New Genetics and Society, 37, 4, 2018. Read online.

“The interweaving of vital and technical processes in Oceania” (under the direction of L. Coupaye & P. Pitrou), Oceania, 88, 2018. Read online.

“Life under Influence” (under the direction of D. Lestel & P. Pitrou), NatureCulture, 4, 2018. Read online.

“Miniatures in Mesoamerica and the Andes: Theories of Life, Values, and Relatedness” (under the direction of O. Angé & P. Pitrou), Journal of Anthropological research, 72, 4, 2016. Read online.

“Ritual action, myth, figuration. The intertwining of life processes and technical processes in Mesoamerica and the South American Lowlands », Review of anthropology, 59, 1, 2016. Available on the journal's website.

“Living things and artifacts. The intertwining of vital processes and technical processes » (P. Pitrou, L. Coupaye & F. Provost), Proceedings of the conference, musée du quai Branly, April 9 & 10, 2014. 2016. Read online.

“Show/hide. Visibility and ritual contexts » (P. Pitrou, G. Olivier), Social anthropology notebooks, n°11, Paris, L’Herne, 2015. Access the journal.

The noción de vida in Mesoamérica (P. Pitrou, J. Neurath & M.-dC. Valverde), Mexico City, Center for Mexican and Central American Studies, UNAM, 2011.