Our collective reflection is accompanied by a program of innovative scientific activities, which federates an international network around the themes of the anthropology of life, a field in full development. Symposiums, workshops and seminars are all opportunities to publicize our work, and to initiate international and interdisciplinary collaborations.

Biomimicry(ies), met Technics & Culture, Marseille, MUCEM, Vieille Charité, 2019 (P. Pitrou, F. Provost & L. Kamili). 

Domestication and production of the living, interdisciplinary seminar, Treilles Foundation, 2019 (P. Pitrou).

Anthropology off Earth, International Colloquium, Collège de France/Paris Observatory/PSL, 2019 (P. Pitrou, R. Ferrière, I. Praet, J. Becker & E. De Smet).

Reconfigurations of the living, College de France/PSL, 2018 (P. Pitrou, M. Mauzé).

animism today , College de France/PSL, 2018 (P. Pitrou, J. Becker).

BIOCOSMOS – Our Sense of Place, Our Sense of Life in the Universe, CNRS/UMI GLOBES/PSL, Biosphere 2, Arizona, 2018, (P. Pitrou, I. Praet, R. Ferrière & K. Bonine).

life at work. New ecologies, bioart, biodesign, international symposium, Museum of Hunting and Nature/PSL, 2017 (P. Pitrou).

Plant powers. Animist cinema and anthropology of life, international symposium, Paris III-CNRS-PSL University, 2016 (P. Pitrou, T. Castro & M. Rebecchi).

Biobanks: What reconfigurations for the living?, international symposium, EHESS-CNRS, 2016 (P. Pitrou, F. Milanovic & N. Merleau-Ponty).

Miniaturization and regeneration of life in the Andes and Mesoamerica, international symposium, Quai Branly museum, 2016 (P. Pitrou, O. Angé & A. Hamilton).

What can the do-it-yourself biology ?, Study day, CNRS-PSL, La Paillasse, 2014, (P. Pitrou, M. Meyer & T. Landrain).

Transfer of materials, transplantation and manufacture of living organisms, international symposium, CNRS-PSL-School of Medicine, 2014 (P. Pitrou, L. Jullien, M. Le Clainche-Piel & C. Rémy).

Modeling, construction and imitation of vital processes. Multidisciplinary approach to biomimicry, study day, Collège de France, 2014 (P. Pitrou, A. Dalsuet & B Hurand).

Living things and artifacts, international symposium, Quai Branly Museum (P. Pitrou, L. Coupaye & L. Rival).