Fabien Milanovic | doctor in sociology, teacher-researcher

Pole of Biotechnologies in Society (PBS) of Sup'Biotech (school of biotechnology engineers).

Fabien Milanovic specializes in the study of science and technology. His research concerns biotechnology and banking activities both in the human field (“Socializing Tumors. From the conservation of tumors in banks to their ontological variations”, in Xavier Bioy (editor), 2018, Public regulation of tumor banks. Establishment, heritage status, development and sharing of human biological samples, London: Springer, pp.73-84) than in that of other biotic entities, such as forest genetic resources (Milanovic F. & Lefèvre F., 2018, “Biobanking in forestry practices: towards an agency policy?”, New Genetics and Society, 37 (4): 411-434). In particular, he coordinated the file "Biological resources" for the Revue d'anthropologie des savoirs (2011/2) and, with N. Merleau-Ponty and P. Pitrou, the special issue "Biobanks and the reconfiguration of the living" of the magazine New Genetics & Society (2018/4). Currently in the process of writing his HDR, his research focuses on viruses and organoids.


biotechnologies, living organisms, biobanks, qualitative methodology, ethnography, STS