Leah Bernard | PhD student in ethnology and social anthropology under the supervision of Perig Pitrou, Coordinator of the Central America international pole of the Institute of the Americas (IdA)

Social Anthropology Laboratory (LAS), School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (EHESS, Paris); Center for anthropological investigation (CIAN), University of Costa Rica (UCR, San José)

Léa Bernard began her training in social anthropology at the University of Strasbourg in 2017. Her license 3 dissertation focused on the support of foreigners in an irregular situation by volunteers from a Strasbourg association of which she was a member. In master 1, as part of a university exchange at the Universidad nacional de Colombia, she carried out an ethnography with fishermen from an Afro-Colombian village on the Pacific coast on the links between fishing practices, territorial appropriations and identity claims. She joined the EHESS in 2019. Her master's research is based on the existing scientific literature in order to study the techniques related to copal resin (extraction, elaboration, ritual consumption) of the Q'eqchi' populations of Guatemala and from Belize. During her thesis, which began in 2021, she continues this research by carrying out an ethnography with Q'eqchi' people settled in the Guatemalan and Belizean lowland forests following recent migrations from the highlands. She thus wishes to study the techniques, conceptions and agroforestry knowledge at work and the relationship to the newly integrated forest environment. This research is funded for three years by a doctoral contract from the Institut des Amériques.


Agroforestry / Ethnobotany / Migration / Ethnography / Anthropology of nature / Life techniques / Mayas Q'eqchi' (Guatemala, Belize)