Marie Lecomte-Tilouine | anthropologist


Main works and works: Articulated around four major programs (1 ACl and 3ANR): the first on the question of the sovereign gods of the central Himalayas and their relationship to able regal (ed. Bards and Mediums, History, Culture and Politics in the Central Himalayan kingdoms. Book accompanied by a DVD Rom. Almora Book Depot, Almora, 2009), the second on the ethnography of the Maoist movement in Nepal (ed. Revolution in Nepal: An Anthropological and Historical Approach to the People's War. Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2013), the third on the epic traditions of Western Nepal and related oral traditions (“ Words of truth. Authority and Agency in Ritual and Legal Speeches in the Himalayas“. coor. with Anne de Sales, from the special issue, Oral Tradition Journal, 30 (2) 2016), the latest on the modalities of presentation of the invisible in the Himalayas (Encounters with the Invisible, Oxford University Press, in press, ed. With A. de Sales). In a transversal way, I work on royalty, genealogies and sacrifice in Nepal (Hindu Kingship, Ethnic Revival and Maoist Rebellion in Nepal. Delhi: Oxford University Press, “Collected Essays”, 2009, Oxford India Paperbacks, 2010 and Sacrifice and violence. Reflections around an ethnography in Nepal, Mimesis, 2021.


ethnography, text study, Himalayas, central and western Nepal, Kumaon \ religious and political anthropology, ethnohistory