Dr Rosalie Allain | Ph.D, Departmental Lecturer

School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography, University of Oxford

Dr Rosalie Allain obtained her BA in Social Anthropology at the London School of Economics and her MA in Material and Visual Culture at University College London (UCL), where her research focused on the production of scientific images in astrophysics. She received the 'Radcliffe-Brown Sutasoma' prize from the Royal Anthropological Institute of the United Kingdom for her doctorate, obtained in 2021 at UCL. Her work focuses on the vernacular practices and conceptions of generativity in a context of scarcity from a study of artisanal mining techniques among the Gbaya in Cameroon. His research explores the generative capacity of techniques as well as the production and transformation of technical processes themselves, allowing an interrogation of the processes of transformation, creation and technical innovation. She has taught Social Anthropology at UCL as an Associate Lecturer and is co-founder of the new Center for the Anthropology of Technics and Technodiversity at UCL. 


Anthropology of Techniques & Technology / Natural Resources / Economic Life, Ethnography / Chain of OperationCameroon / West Africa / Central Africa