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Upcoming publication of the book “Anthropologists and life” by Perig Pitrou

The "Anthropology of Life" team is pleased to announce the publication, in September 2022, of the book Anthropologists and life by Perig Pitrou

Awareness of the disastrous effects of human activities on ecological balances renews our view of the links of interdependence, as complex as they are fragile, which are established between organisms and ecosystems. Life and the living are emerging as central themes in the natural sciences, philosophy and the world of art. It is interesting to listen to what anthropologists have to say on this subject, in order to better understand how societies interact with living beings, human and non-human, and conceive of life. Science & Technology Studies, anthropology of biopolitics, anthropology of the ordinary and forms of life, anthropology of nature and ecology: in recent decades, approaches have multiplied to address these questions. How to articulate these methodological options with each other? How can life be an object for anthropology? Based on a reading of authors who have conducted ethnographic surveys in non-Western societies, this book offers a first exploration of the booming field of the anthropology of life.

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